International Education Office

The team at IEO has the experience of over 20 years and supported over 5000 students who successfully enrolled in our partner universities especially in UK. Our team also support in the admission process and timely enrolment of students at our partner institute. Services for student are free of any charges which includes application processing and visa guidance.


Bangor University-UK

We're steeped in history and we strive for innovation.

Founded in 1884, Bangor University today is a thriving, forward-looking institution offering excellent opportunities. Around 10,000 students currently study with us and our teaching and research is grouped into nine academic Schools.


Ulster university-UK

Look at our courses and see how we're preparing students for tomorrow's world today.

We are a university with a national and international reputation for excellence, innovation and regional engagement, making a major contribution to the economic, social and cultural development of Northern Ireland.


QA Higher Education-UK

Our aim is to give students from all around the world access to outstanding higher education.

We believe that everything starts with our students. Transforming their careers and their lives is what motivates and inspires us.b All programmes are taught by industry experts and range from foundation programmes right the way through to postgraduate degrees.


Heriot-Watt University-UK

Heriot-Watt is valued for its pioneering research informed by the global needs of business and industry.

We are ranked 47th out of 308 institutions in THE's Golden Age University Rankings


University of Tasmania-Australia

Our story began over 130 years ago, in a sandstone building overlooking Hobart.

Since those early days, with three lecturers teaching eleven students, our purpose has remained the same. Through academic excellence, we make our home, and the world, a better place.Here, success takes a certain determination and imagination. With our isolated location and small population, we have always had to work differently. It’s what makes Tasmanians such creative thinkers and problem solvers.

How to Apply

  • All educational Documents (from High School to last Qualification achieved or if continue to date). This must include Marks Sheets, Certificates, Degrees awards etc
  •  Valid passport must be valid minimum 6 months from the date of start of course
  •  Updated CV
  • Working experience letters if applicable
  •   Academic Reference
  • Your counsellor at IEO will check and assess your documents and map with the available options.
  • Once the assessment is made then you will be asked to write an SOP and fill VHF
  • Course related SOP (statement of purpose)
  • Application Form of IEO (contains all the information needed to complete University application)
  • IEO application fee (if applicable) – For our most of the UK Partners we do not charge any fee the process is free, but for few UK and Australian Partners there is service fee. Your counsellor will update you. (BUT FOR AN AUSTRAIAN UNIS/INSTITUTE THERE IS AN APPLICATION PROCESS FEE INVOLVED).
  • Our team will process your application at the university/institute.
  • Your offer letter normally take 2 weeks to 4 weeks depending on the institute applied.
  • In most of the cases, if all documents are completed, you will receive the Unconditional Offer letter, while in other cases, it may be a conditional offer, which means the institute may ask you for additional documentation i.e., IELTS, or Completion Certificate etc.
  • Normally Universities ask for the initial deposit before issuance of Visa Letter the term used in differ countries varies for example in UK it is called CAS, in Australia it is referred as COE while in USA it is known as I-20, hence it depends which country you applied.
  • The deposit is different from University to University and country to country but roughly it is GBP £3000 to £8000 in UK, full semester fee in Australia and so on in other countries as well.
  • We do not involve in any of the financial transaction for the tuition fee in the university all students need to pay directly into the respective university account, our team will only provide guidance and information about the procedures only.
  • Our team will help and support you in completing the visa application process.
  • Help the student to fill out the online forms.
  • For Australia, we will apply students visa application from our own Immigration portal.
  • Provide all the documents and information requirements needed for a successful visa application.
  • This service is included with the student application, but if any dependant of the student applied such as a spouse or children then we ask additional service fee for each dependant.
  • Our Visa success has been 100% since last 4 years now. But we still cannot guarantee visa success as it all depends on the relevant visa office of the applied country. 



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