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Mission Statement
Inspired the students across the globe and helping them to avail the opportunities in the world of education to change their lives, our aim is to provide the best and efficient service to students globally to make the right choice for their future education and career. This will be attained by creating the best service delivery system that simplifies and supports the efficiency of application for admissions in our partner Institutions worldwide.

We are one of the very first organizations that started the as the regional office of any
UK University in 2002 (in Pakistan). Our offices reached out to help and support the students from Middle-East and South Asia and we represent Institutions from UK, USA, Australia our offices and team are based in Pakistan – UAE – Bangladesh and in United Kingdom.

We have been supporting and helping students for almost 23 years and are proud that there are thousands of students across the globe who are successfully enjoying their brilliant careers. 

We are unique in a way that our support services were almost 100% online since 2016 even before covid we were one of the few companies in the world in similar business which offered all the services online, and we are very prod of our team and staff who provided the best services during the difficult times of covid and keep a fast growth during the difficult days of Covid-19.

With our strong and long-term understanding with the team at our partner institutes, we
are proud that our student gets the best possible support from our team and are able to
overcome all the processes from application to arrival at the Institute they applied to.

1999 -   Formation of THE SCSP (The student Counselling Services of Pakistan) started from Karachi – Pakistan 2001 – Establishment of Lahore Office

2001 -   Establishment of Peshawar Office

2002 -   Establishment of Islamabad Office

2002-    Become the Exclusive Agency of University of Sunderland in Pakistan

2003 –  Regional Office of University of Sunderland

2004 –  Sunderland Technologies (an IT Company to Support SCSP operations)

2005 –  Team developed in Bangladesh

2010 –   Establishment of IEO in Dubai (UAE)

2013 –   New partnership with IEO-Dubai from USA, Australia and Europe

2016 –   Establishment of HA Enterprises (a Training and IT Company) Based in Dubai UAE

2017 –   IEO Pakistan was established

2018 –   Regional Support Office of Ulster University in Pakistan and Bangladesh

2019 –   Regional Office of Bangor University for Pakistan

2020 –   Restart the Regional Office of University of Sunderland Pakistan

2021 –   Regional Office of university of Sunderland Bangladesh

2022 –   IPA merge in IEO and established a new offices in Karachi & Lahore

2023 –   Establishment of IEO UK Limited

2023 –   All of above companies are under IEO brand and name

Currently the IEO has become a group of different organizations working in Different countries.


Sub Companies:

  • HA Enterprises
  • HA Education and Training
  • Induspak Advisors


Ameena Shahid

Director Business

Usama Asad

General Manager

Nabeel Imtiaz

Human Resource

Sandra McLuckie

Manager Business

Nabeel Aadil

Head of

Khurram Altaf


Muhammad Ahmar


Hamza Akram

Manager Visa

Arslan Safdar

Manager Visa and

Qasim Kazmi

Manager Counselling
and Recruitment

Chaudhary Arshman

Senior Recruitment

Azka Hassan




Haroon Nisar


Abdul Muqeet



Hamza Nisar

Manager Media
and Marketing

Javeria Khattak

Media Manager

Arzoo Munawar

Media Manager



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