Athar Ahmed


Mr. Ather has joined us in January 2021, but he already has the experience to study abroad and lived in UAE for many many years. Though he is professional Architect and has a Bachelors Degree in Architecture from one of the leading universities of UAE, he decided to work in an environment where he can provide support for career guidance to the students. With his professional experience and knowledge he has been very supportive to all our students and is very competent in research, finding the right choices for the students and guide them accordingly.

Contact details:

Phone: 000 0000000

Mobile: 0309 8849620



I am Athar, a citizen of Islamabad, Pakistan. Professionally I am an Architect who graduated from Ajman University, UAE. It is in the UAE where spent most of my life and recently moved back to Pakistan. 

Current Role:

I am currently working in the role of International Student counselor. My role involves providing students with guidance with regards to Higher education in the UK. I am tasked with collecting students’ data, assessing their qualifications and credentials, and guiding them to an appropriate career choice. My daily tasks involve calling students, confirming their interest, and then providing them with the list of requirements that would help them get their admissions to desired Universities. It is my job to provide students with the encouragement they need to continue their higher education’s abroad in the esteemed Universities of the UK and to also clear any misinformation they might have heard. The most pleasing aspect of our job has to be the satisfaction we get in helping the students of our country achieve their ambitions and help them prosper.

Past Experience:

I moved to the UAE when I was three. It was in UAE, where I completed my O and A levels and then pursued a degree in Architecture. After completing my degree as the top student of my department, I entered professional life, where I worked as an Architect for over a year. I then came back to my home country and started working as a freelancer; I had the honor of designing a Mosque as well as residential projects for various clients. I recently joined the International Education Office as a student counselor, and after quickly adjusting to my new surroundings, realized that I was blessed with a great opportunity to work with a fantastic team in helping students achieve their ambitions. My colleagues at the International Education office helped me settle in seamlessly and provided me with support and encouragement at every stage.

Future Ambitions:

  • I hope to excel in my job and work hard to achieve the targets set by our seniors. It is my ambition to help more and more students in their careers and become a source of encouragement to students to continue their education abroad and reach new heights. With a fantastic team around me, I hope we can all move ahead in our career and grow together to form an organization that gains International status.