Extended Degrees


Extended degree programmes are identical to their BA Hons or BSc Hons counterparts, but include a foundation year. These offer an alternative route into higher education if you do not have traditional qualifications or cannot meet the entry requirements for an undergraduate degree.

Basic Entry Requirement:

Applicants would normally apply with the equivalent of 64 UCAS points (or above), plus GCSE English and maths grade C (or above). This might include:

  • Applications from those with an A‐level background if the applicant has two D grades and one E grade (or above) in relevant subjects
  • Applications from those with 64 UCAS points including points from at least two AS in relevant subjects
  • Applications from those with an AS‐level background if the applicant has studied three/four AS subjects and achieved at least three C grades (or above) in relevant subjects
  • Applications from those with an International Baccalaureate (Certificate or Diploma) background if the applicant has at least 20 points arising from at least three relevant subjects
  • Other qualifications, which will be considered on application.

List of Programmes of Extended Degree:

Accounting and Financial Information Systems (Extended), BA Hons
Biology (Extended), BSc Hons
Biomedical Science (Extended), BSc Hons
Business Administration (Extended), BA Hons
Business Economics (Extended), BA Hons
Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Extended), BA Hons
Business Information Technology (Extended), BSc Hons
Business Logistics and Transport Management (Extended), BA Hons
Business Management (Extended), BA Hons
Business Purchasing and Supply Chain Management (Extended), BA Hons
Business Studies (Extended), BA Hons
Business with Finance (Extended), BA Hons
Business with Human Resource Management (Extended), BA Hons
Business with Marketing (Extended), BA Hons
Chemical Engineering (Extended), BEng Hons
Chemistry (Extended), BSc Hons
Childhood and Youth Studies (Extended), BA Hons
Civil Engineering (Extended), BEng Hons
Computer Engineering (Extended), BEng Hons
Computer and intelligent systems engineering
Computing (Extended), BSc Hons
Creative Digital Media (Extended), BSc Hons
Criminology (Extended), BA Hons
Criminology and Criminal Psychology (Extended), BSc Hons
Cybernetics (Extended), BEng Hons
Design, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Extended), BEng Hons
Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Extended), BEng Hons
Engineering Management (Extended), BEng Hons
Events Management (Extended), BA Hons
Finance and Investment Banking (Extended), BSc Hons
Forensic Science (Extended), BSc Hons
Forensic Science with Criminology (Extended), BSc Hons
Health and Wellbeing (Extended), BSc Hons
Hospitality Management (Extended), BA Hons
Human Nutrition (Extended), BSc Hons
Human Resource Management (Extended), BA Hons
Industrial Engineering (Extended), BEng Hons
International Business (Extended), BA Hons
Law (Extended), LLB Hons
Marketing (Extended), BA Hons
Mechanical Engineering (Extended), BEng Hons
Natural Sciences (Extended) BSc
Pharmaceutical Sciences (Extended), BSc Hons
Physical Education and Sport (Extended), BA Hons
Public Health (Extended), BSc Hons
Sociology (Extended), BA Hons
Sports Science (Extended), BSc Hons
Sports Science with Coaching (Extended), BSc Hons
Sports Science with Professional Football Coaching (Extended), BSc Hons
Tourism Management (Extended), BA Hons

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