Khurram Altaf

Admissions Coordinator

Mr Khurram has a key role in scrutinizing all the applications that come from counseling for processing. Any application gone through a rigorous checking process before it is handed over to admission department, Mr. Khurram’s main responsibility is to make sure that all the documents are in order so that our admission department can process the application smoothly with our partner institute. Mr Khurram Join our office in January 2020. He has an MBA from SZABIST Islamabad.

Contact details:

Phone: 000 0000000

Mobile: 000 0000000


Present Responsibilities:

My name is Khurram Altaf. I completed my Bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA) from the PMAS Arid Agriculture University in 2018 with a marketing specialization. Then I have done my Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) with marketing in 2020 from the SZABIST University Islamabad with a gold medal. I started my career with IEO in January 2020, and my first role was “International Student Counsellor” then, I got a new position as “Admission Coordinator” in August 2020. Currently, I am working as “Senior Admission Coordinator & Assistant Manager” in the IEO.

Now my core responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Responsible for accessing the authenticity and standards of the documents.
  2. It is my core responsibility to check the quality of the documents.
  3. Fulfill the deficiencies in the documents.
  4. Help the admission department to forward the applications.
  5. Information bridge between admission department and counselling team.
  6. Conversation with universities concerned persons through emails.
  7. Assist Head of student recruitment to prepare students for visa interview.

Past Experience:

Besides my studies, I worked in the marketing and advertising field mainly before joining the IEO in January 2020. Worked in an international company (Intelicle Pvt. Ltd.) whose headquarter was in Nottingham UK as a Digital Marketing Expert & Team Lead and responsible for overseeing the presence of the company and clients on the social media platforms with the team. Also, make the social media advertising strategy and assist the company’s CEO and Head of Marketing in implementing those online. Also, I worked as a senior marketing executive in one company (M.N. Printers) to overlook the relationship with customers and responsible for looking after the overall compliance strategy. I was responsible for building the relationship with the customers and identifying any problem which they were facing.

I have also done independent projects on advertising and marketing strategies for international clients. Provide strategic advertising cost planning report for the client who operated in the U.K. Also, assist one client regarding their online strategy and provide them detailed solution report. Few other projects are also on my credit related to strategic planning and advertising.

I also worked for the Nestle distribution partners (Bilal Traders) during my bachelor’s as a Marketing & Sales Executive. Primarily responsible for overlooking the weekly sales volume and its reasons (why low and high) and satisfaction level of company retailers and submit detail report after every two weeks.


  • As a marketing graduate, I am an enthusiast regarding the online world. I do not miss the reports and blogs regarding new marketing & advertising tools and any news that explain what is going on globally, including technology, trends, politics, economies. Book reading is my hobby, and whenever I get free time, I start reading different books, usually online. Internet surfing is one of the most important traits which every marketing graduate follows. Mostly I love to read stuff related to History and going through few historical books as well. As a Pakistani, I am also a sports lover and watch all sports, especially Cricket and Football.If I talk about my experience while working in the IEO, I could say the best experience of my life till today, and I really enjoy while working here. One of the main reasons I am saying that I enjoy working here is that last year, COVID hit the world with full force. Many businesses could not continue during that time, and they started downsizing, and many companies were shut down due to not getting profit because of COVID. But IEO was there for their employees. They tried their best to help their employees during the lockdown in Pakistan, and this is the symbol of an ideal organization that not only thinks about their profit but also their employees’ well-being. I learn so many things, and as a graduate, we know how much a work environment is essential for an employee’s productivity. And in the IEO, I can confidently say that I saw the ideal work environment. Where the company not only help you to complete your routine work but also, they provide you some relaxation through different events other than work. As IEO arrange some exciting events for the employees, including paragliding, official dinners, give chances to attend expos in the various cities to broaden our thinking canvas and many more. I am happy that I joined IEO last year, and after doing work at IEO for more than 1 year, I can say that this has definitely been worth it.