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How to Get the CAS Letter from University:

CAS is Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies, the university only issue this letter when all the initial requirements of the admission are met and student has been given an unconditional offer. The CAS is basically a centrally generated offer letter, which is linked with central database controlled by UKVI.

Generally universities/institutes in UK have following requirements for issuance of the CAS letter;

  • Required IELTS Score Card (must be UKVI IELTS test)
  • Initial Deposit (different universities have different requirements)

Visa Application

Point Based System:
Before we go to the steps of how to apply for the visa it is better to understand the process and policy of UKVI, the details Click here

The basic of financial requirement is that student have all the required amount in his/her bank account for at least 28 days at the time of applying for visa application.

Briefly to understand the Visa criteria please note that there is a point based system for getting a student visa for UK. Every student need to secure at least 40 points to get the successful result on the visa application.
These 40 points are divided between The CAS from the university/Institute and the financial requirement.

  • CAS — 30 Points
  • Funds — 10 Points

Financial requirement:

The basic of financial requirement is that student have all the required amount in his/her bank account for at least 28 days at the time of applying for visa application.
To understand Funds requirement (full guidance notes can be downloaded from this site Click here).

How Much Amount is required:

For example, If the tuition fee is £12,000 and student have made an initial deposit of say £2000 then the balance amount will be £10,000 plus student need to show an amount of equivalent of UK£9,200 (outside London) as living cost (as per UKVI Policy). So technically we are talking about an amount of UK£19200 (in any currency equivalent to British Pound Sterling). This amount should be remaining in the students Bank account for at least 28 days at the time they apply for the Visa.

Proceeding to file the visa application from within Pakistan

Before start the visa application process students must ready the following documents;·       Must have TB test done from IOM

·       Attestation from HEC and IBCC

·       CAS Letter From University

·       IELTS (or Any other English Proficiency Test)

Online Application

The next step is to submit an online application (information is available on this web link Click here you wish to start directly with registration you check this link directly by clicking here

Normally the online application takes you through step-by-step procedures.

After the application submitted online you need to do following;
Appointment with Fed-ex Biometrics at FedEx Office (please note that you should get the appointment after 12:00 or 12:30)

  • Pay the application fee to embassy through online payment (approximately RS 46000- 56000 Plus (fee is subject to £ rate) Insurance fee of UK from £150-£200 for one year programme the insurance will increase if student apply for more then a year)
  • Print your application all details
  • Submit all the following document at the Fed-Ex
  • Printout of application
  • Appointment print
  • Fee payment print
  • Insurance Payment print
  • CAS letter print
  • TB Test Original

Once you reach to FedEx with above document you will be interviewed by the UKVI officer from UK on line (Skype)

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