Mr Yousaf Almas

Mr Yousuf Almas is the leading career counselor and a guiding light for the young lot of Pakistan. Thousands of students have found the objective of their lives under his guidance and supervision. Mr Yousuf Almas stepped into the field of career counseling in 2001 when he founded Eduvision. Since then he has devoted his life completely for the well-being of the students of Pakistan.

Mr Yousuf Almas is the author of 10 books and countless articles on career planning. He has provided career counseling and guidance to more than 200,000 native and international students to help them make informed educational and occupational decisions. Career Planning found its place in media and also on Government level due to his endeavors.


He owns the largest educational database of Pakistan providing the student’s free access to loads of information at their doorstep. Mr Almas is a member and fellow of many reputable international HRD and career counseling organizations.

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