Our Team

Director Business Development

Ameena Shahid - Director Business Development

Ms Ameena has the privilege to study from University of Sunderland UK, she join the IEO FZLLC Dubai in 2012 and work as the regional head of IEO for 5 years based in Dubai before moving to Pakistan in 2017 to take charge of IEO Pakistan as the Director Business Development, She is responsible to deal with all the partners in UK and provide full support to the team in Pakistan and support our UK based Universities in execution their strategy for Pakistan.

Head of Recruitment and Team leader

Usama Asad

Before joining the IEO as the Head of Recruitment and Team leader Mr. Usama has a vast experience in financial Sector, provide support to multi-million dollar clients for their investment opportunities in financial sector. Mr. Usama has a Masters Degree in Business Management from one of the top ranked Universities in Pakistan. He is responsible for all the recruitment activities in IEO, He lead a team of professional Counselor and also manage the call center of the company. He is also involved in designing and planning of Marketing and promotional activities for different partner Universities. As IEO also working as the regional Office of Bangor University in Pakistan hence Usama working as the Manager for Pakistan region for student recruitment for Bangor University.

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Manager Compliance and visa processing

Khalid Waleed

Mr. Khalid has worked in the University of Sunderland Regional office for 8 years and was responsible for admissions applications along with visa and compliance. Since the merger of the SCSP and IEO, Mr. Khalid has taken the responsibility of Manager Compliance and visa processing and lead a team of professionals to support student for their timely arrival in UK. The role of Mr. Khalid is the backbone of the company to control and manage the visa ratio of our students who apply at our partner universities. The visa ratio of our students has been 100% success for last 3 years and hope to maintain this in future as well.

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IT Manager and Manager Admissions

Nabeel Aadil

Mr. Nabeel is the Manager of our admissions department. He manages a team of professional admission officers and responsible for arranging the offer letter, convert to Unconditional and timely processing of CAS letters for our partner students. Mr. Nabeel has been working with IEO since 2011 and now almost 9 years of Experience. Before resuming the role of Manager Admissions, Mr. Nabeel was responsible for the IT needs of the company and he is also currently looking after the IT department as well. Mr. Nabeel has a degree of Software Engineering.

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Admissions Coordinator

Khurram Altaf

Mr Khurram has key role in scrutinizing all the applications comes from counselling for processing. Any application gone through a rigorous checking process before it is handed over to admission department, Mr Khurram’s main responsibility is to make sure that all the documents are in order so that our admission department can process the application smoothly with our partner institute. Mr Khurram Join our office in January 2020. He has an MBA from SZABIST Islamabad.

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Officer Business Development

Arslan Safdar

Arslan Joined IEO in July 2020, before joining our office Mr. Arslan had experience of working in Oil Refinery Sector where he was responsible for logistics and client management. Mr Arsalan is responsible for Business Development department and also provide support to counselling team.

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Manager Counselling Team

Kashif Inam Paracha

Mr. Kashif Join IEO in November 2019, before joining the IEO Mr. Kashif has a versatile experience of working with the Telecommunication Sector in sales and marketing, also had worked as the head of different students’ societies in Islamabad. Mr Kashif is responsible for managing a team of counsellors in the office and also involved in conversion of applications for our partner Universities.<br /> He is also responsible for the training of his team to provide update information of the partner universities programmes and key offering for students. Kashif attended many international trainings from our partner universities in UK and working very closely with the regional Managers of our partners in UK.

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Athar Ahmad

Mr. Ather has joined us in January 2021, but he already have an experience to study abroad and lived in UAE for many many years. Though he is professional Architect and has a Bachelors Degree in Architecture from one of the leading University of UAE, but he decided to work in an environment where he can provide support for career guidance to the students. With his professional experience and knowledge he has been very supportive to all our students and is very competent in research, finding the right choices for the students and guide them accordingly.

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Mohammad Meran

Mr. Mehran Join us in October 2020, and was focus to provide support students in our call center. Before Joining us Mehran has more then 2 years of experience in tourism industry, where he was mainly responsible for clients relationship. His past experience provide him the base to help and guide students not only for the study opportunities in UK but also support students in advising about the travel plans and challenges they may face when arrive in UK.

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Arshman Chaudhary

Mr Arshman Join IEO from Jan 2021 and is ne of our key counselor, he also provide support at our call center. Mr Arshman has a vast experience of event management and has served in organizing many high profile events in Islamabad. Mr Ashman has bachelors degree in business administration.

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