Syed Allah Jiwayo Shah

After completing my bachelors in business administration, I was looking for someone who would help me getting my Masters Degree abroad. What one wants is a reliable and trustworthy consultant to handle one case; unfortunately I came across a consultancy firm which was contrary to these expectations.

All my efforts and money were in vain and to no purpose at all. It was a difficult time for me to coup up as I lost 1 year in this process but I didn’t give up on my dream to study abroad and my family supported me throughout the process. I started searching for more consultants; then on one good day, I got a call from International Education Office mentioning studies abroad. I informed IEO Team about my previous experience and reservations about consultants.

According to my profile, United Kingdom was the best fit for me as it offers Master’s program of one year. I already lost 1 educational year due the problem I faced previously so I urged IEO Team to start my process with the immediate effect. IEO Team handled my case with professionalism and guided me with the SOP, application, visa and others processes. Due to their efforts, I am now studying at Ulster University in MBA program with a discounted fee and an accommodation scholarship for 9 months.

Even after my arrival in United Kingdom, IEO Team are helping hands to me and for all the others fellows from Pakistan studying here at Ulster University. I am very thankful to the whole team of IEO for making this possible and proving me wrong this time around. I would love to recommend IEO to every individual who aspires to study abroad and will continue to do so in future. Thank you, guys for the services provided by you in exchange of no money.



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  1. how much band required in IELTS OR TOEFEL

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